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Cell Phone

The Evolution of Cell Phone

Frequently Asked Questions...

Has anyone tried to use a cell phone on a airplane during a flight?

I have flown several times since 9/11. Twice going to and from New York and Oregon and several flights to Arizona to Oregon and back. In each flight I would turn on my cell phone to see if I could get a connection. I always got no service available to apear on my sceen.
About a year ago I read on the internet that in order for people to use cell phones on flying aircraft the airplanes would need to have a special antenna installed. This has not begun to happen yet.
So my question would be. If you can not get service on your cell phone while flying in an airplane. On 9/11 how did the people on board those doomed aicraft manage to use their cell phone to call out to their loved ones? I'm not counting the people who used the available at great cost aircraft phones just the ones who are said to have used their cell phones.
Just one of the holes in the vast 9/11 story.

Best Answer...


The people on the 9/11 flights used seatback Airphones as others in this forum have stated. As a general rule cell phones don't work very well above about 7000 feet. Some airlines have explored the possibility of installing a device, similar in concept to a computer router, that would enable passengers to use personal cellphones while at cruise altitude. It will be expensive to install and and maintain so you can bet the airlines will charge for it.

My2cents is correct, one of the main reasons for the ban by the FCC on cellphones is the accounting issue.