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Custom Artistan Made One Of A Kind Menorah Signed Beautiful
New Custom Made Fancy Vinyl Challah Cover For Shabbos And Holidays For Table 2
Tallit Bag Custom Hand Made Judaica Talis Bag Brand New
EUC RARE Custom Made Bronze Torah Carved Tree Hanukkah Menorah HEAVY

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Custom Made

Battlefield 3 Gets Up Close And Personal (Game Informer)

The announcement of the next batch of Battlefield 3 expansions couldn't have
come at a better time for DICE. The natives were so restless over the lack of
news and title updates coming from the studio that some particularly outraged
fans were in the midst of organizing a 24-hour blackout to demonstrate their
disappointment over the developer's perceived inaction. In reality, DICE was
prepping the public unveiling of the most aggressive slate of post-release
expansions since the days of Battlefield 2.

But even before the first map pack releases in June, DICE has several other
Battlefield 3 enhancements nearly ready for deployment. Executive producer
Patrick Bach says a huge patch featuring several requested tweaks is going
through certification right now with Microsoft and Sony, and the studio plans
to roll out a server rental program in the coming months.

PC players have always had the luxury of renting individual servers and
tweaking the game modes to their liking. With the server browsing
functionality already in place for Battlefield 3, DICE asked Microsoft and
Sony about the possibility of providing server rentals on consoles as well.
Surprisingly, both platforms told Bach that DICE was the first studio ...

Game Informer

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