Surfer Bracelet

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Surfer Bracelet

Frequently Asked Questions...

What do you think of a girl wearing guy shorts?

hi, im wondering what would you think if a girl wore guy shorts. I am thinking of getting a pair of cargo shorts from abercrombie kids. I think it would look cool with a cute beachy tight hollister tee, a shell necklace, a surfers bracelet, and roxy flip flops! im not a tom boy at all and i usually wear plaid shorts and short shorts, but i think this look would go with my style a lil more. (im a longboarder) So it would be a nice surfer look.

what do you think? I just want your opinions (:


here are the stone color

i also wouldn't wear them really baggy, i would get a smaller size that fits (:

Best Answer...


Those shorts are cute. Who can really tell if they are boy or girl shorts? Work those shorts girl. You'll look good!

How to make a Basic Hemp Surfer Bracelet Without Beads Tutorial