Iron Farm

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Iron Farm

Murphy Ranch: the faded dreams of a Nazi Shangri La, just outside of Hollywood (Metafilter)

_About 2 miles into the park... things start to get strange. A forbidding
padlocked wrought-iron gate, surrounded by a low lying stone wall sits nestled
on the edge of the trail.... Strange rusted debris starts to appear on the
side of the paths. What looks like an old water filtration system, broken
pieces of farm equipment, half buried sinks, strange concrete slabs with
graffiti . A lovely little steam appears and makes delightful background
noises, lizards and birds scatter about your feet. And then you see it. A
burned-out overgrown concrete building completely covered with graffiti.
Cartoon of Hitler? Check. Declaration of undying teenage love? Check.... The
bunker of the building is exposed and filled with trash; a metal cage sits
menacingly in the corner, and outside a series of stone steps wind up to what
seems to have once been a sustenance garden. The steps then continue all the
way to the top of the canyon (3,000 steps in all) and ghosts of America Nazis
patrolling the wilds fill your head. Baby, we aren't at the Grove anymore...
We are at the Los Angeles Nazi Compound!_ Well, it's actually the ruins of a
small ...


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