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Has James Joyce Been Set Free? (New Yorker)

On New Year's Eve, the Twitter feed of UbuWeb, an online archive of the avant
garde, posted a link to an article in _The Irish Times_ about the expiry of
European copyright on the work of James Joyce. The link was accompanied by a
curt message to Joyce's grandson and sole living descendent: "Fuck you Stephen
Joyce. EU copyright on James Joyce's works ends at midnight." While the
language may have been unusually confrontational, the sentiment it expressed
is widespread. The passage into public domain of Joyce's major works has been
talked up in certain quarters as though it were a bookish version of the
destruction of the Death Star, with Stephen Joyce cast as a highbrow Darth
Vader suddenly no longer in a position to breathe heavily down the necks of
rebel Joyceans.

Stephen Joyce has, since the mid-nineteen-eighties, presided over one of the
most combative and obstructive of all literary estates (rivaled perhaps only
by Louis Zukofsky's son Paul for the title of Literary World's Most Hardball
Executor). Scholars were charged extortionate permissions fees, and often
bluntly refused the right to quote from his grandfather's work at all. Those
looking to produce adaptations of ...

New Yorker

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